Close the Gaps in Your Smile
By Seaside Dentistry
April 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What could your best smile look like? Straight, bright, and complete would be most people's answer. However, if you have smile gaps, thatdental implants beautiful and functional smile can be far from reach unless you discover dental implants from Seaside Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Jason Campbell uses dental implants to replace single teeth or to support full or partial prosthetics. Learn more about these modern dental marvels.

Effects of tooth loss

Several consequences of tooth loss:

  • Unattractive and embarrassing smile gaps
  • Recession of gum tissue and underlying jaw bone
  • Movement of remaining teeth toward the empty tooth socket
  • Compromised speech, biting and chewing

While tooth loss due to decay, injury or abscess sometimes is unavoidable, Dr. Campbell and his team at Seaside Dentistry do all they can to prevent this devastating condition. Also, they want you to know that if tooth loss happens to you, you have options--conventional dentures, bridgework, and, today's most stable and natural-looking choice, the dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

It's a screw-like device made of titanium metal. Placed in the jaw bone during an in-office oral surgery, the implant replaces the missing natural root. Over the ensuing weeks, the jaw bone adheres to the implant through an amazing process called osseointegration. Once the site heals completely, your dentist re-opens the site and places an extension post and porcelain crown on the implant.

Then, what you have is a complete replacement tooth. Anchored in the bone, the bond between the implant and jaw actually strengthens as you bite and chew.

Now, if you have lost multiple teeth, you still could benefit from dental implant placement in Virginia Beach. Two to four implants may support a fixed bridge or even a full denture. Dr. Campbell assesses your oral health and jaw bone density before recommending any dental implant procedure.

Implant success

The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness states that these prosthetic teeth are made to last a lifetime, and research shows a high success rate for the procedures themselves--95 percent, in fact. A wide enough and dense enough jaw bone is critical to success as is routine aftercare consisting of:

  • Daily flossing around the implant site to reduce plaque and avoid tartar
  • Twice daily brushing, just as with your natural teeth
  • Avoiding smoking (a leading cause of implant failure)
  • Semi-annual check-ups and professional cleanings at Seaside Dentistry

The no-gap smile

You could be a candidate for dental implants from Seaside Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA. Watch those gaps disappear, and feel and look your best when you smile. Contact Dr. Campbell's office team today to arrange an implant consultation: (757) 689-4363.