What is Cosmetic Contouring?
By Seaside Dentistry
February 18, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you unhappy with your smile due to small imperfections rather than large ones? Often, a tiny defect in the teeth can draw more attention than one would think. If this situation sounds familiar, cosmetic contouring could be for you. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist, Dr. Jason Campbell at Seaside Dentistry, can help you even out your teeth and achieve the perfect smile you desire.Cosmetic Contouring

What is cosmetic contouring? 
Contouring gently reshapes the teeth to improve their appearance. The dentist uses a drill to remove tiny pieces of enamel from the tooth to sculpt it into the desired shape. The procedure helps teeth blend in more naturally with the surrounding teeth and corrects uneven placement of teeth. In some cases of overlapping teeth, contouring can help achieve a more even appearance.

What imperfections can cosmetic contouring repair?
Not every flaw can be corrected using cosmetic contouring; small irregularities in the teeth usually benefit most. Teeth which could benefit from contouring may have imperfections such as:

  • chips
  • flattened or too pointy tooth edges
  • uneven length or width
  • teeth with rough edges
  • bite problems due to teeth not fitting together correctly

What can I expect from the contouring procedure? 
A consultation with your Virginia Beach dentist helps determine if cosmetic contouring is your best option. This is important to ensure the teeth will be both aesthetically pleasing and healthy once the contouring is completed. Since most contouring involves only the enamel of the teeth, local anesthetic is usually not required. You will notice your results immediately after the procedure. Cosmetic contouring subtly changes the appearance of your smile to produce dramatic results.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic contouring?

If you have slightly misshapen, misaligned, chipped or uneven teeth, cosmetic contouring could be your best option to treat these conditions. Contouring requires teeth that are strong and healthy, with thick enough enamel to withstand the procedure. Patients with more serious misalignments, crowding, broken teeth or missing teeth need more aggressive dental or orthodontic treatment.

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